The Fear Tactic



It’s the blessed month of Ramadan – the month is which Muslims are encouraged to concern themselves with  acts of worship, reading and reflecting on the Quran, getting closer to their Lord – the month of seeking the Mercy, Forgiveness and Pardoning of Allah. Despite this, we find that many have failed to respect this month, instead endeavouring to tarnish the image of Islam and distract people from focusing on reaping rewards and extinguishing sins. In light of the numerous  injustices that have occurred in this month, I’ve written some words of reflection that I hope can shed some light on the disturbing world we live in…




Do you remember when you were young and they told you there was a monster?
It was to get you to do what they say because in reality there wasn’t even an imposter

You see the fear factor was a tactic to control your behaviour,
Because perhaps without it you would have been the opposite of a saviour

Well what if I told you that this fear tactic is still being used,
Instead it’s against the masses who are silently being abused

They call it frightening people into submission,
Hence, freedom is denied with permission

It’s a state affair not the same as warfare,
More like creating scenarios out of a nightmare

You see those in power keep their control to attain their dream,
It doesn’t matter how but the most efficient is to make you scream

They find all sorts of monsters that can successfully make you scream,
Creating events one wouldn’t imagine, yet reality is how they make it seem

They call it “terror” when they frighten you into submission,
Yet convince you to think it’s some kind of religious mission

It’s not religion on a mission of terror,
But a state with power that uses force despite error

With millions of dollars they convince that terrorists are a danger,
Spending taxpayers dollars to promote the danger of a stranger,

Millions killed and many more they oppress
Merely for those in power to be entitled to impress

My friend in humanity, I call you to a new endeavour,
To avoid propaganda and live a content life with pleasure

Free from fear and terror, don’t be afraid of your neighbour the ‘other’,
But know that propaganda has always been, even before your great grandmother

There is no global mission that seeks to terrorise in the name of religion,
Only a bunch of actors taking their wages from taxes across the Western region

By attacking and causing fear amongst the population,
States play a game earning submission from every nation

Your rights have been sold and your freedom is a state of illusion,
Because a life of panic and fear can only lead to total delusion

Afraid of a monster in religious attire,
Every corner holds a threat therefore one’s paranoia can never retire

Privacy is sold for public safety – so all your rights have been surrendered,
The reality is total control of your identity – essentially being rendered

I have a tip for those who want to be free,
Just avoid the propaganda and let everyone be

You see those in power will always need an enemy,
It helps them to convince that their ideology is some kind of decree

So don’t burden yourself by handing your mind to the transgressor,
Because eventually you contribute to yourself and others as an oppressor



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