The Veil of Oppression





They said I’m oppressed and that I should dress like in the West,

But they said we should be free, so why can’t they just let me be?


A life free from those who see,

My life is captivated, just my Lord with Me.


Far from being oppressed, enlightenment is what I possess,

An understanding that I am not competing for the best dressed,

But only for the best gathering, that the Lord Himself will have addressed.


You see “oppressed” is a state of mind – weak, controlled, perhaps even possessed,

A mind neglected or maybe even rejected,

Submission to ignorance – hence the truth has no chance.


Contrary to oppressed, I am liberated – no longer afraid of what I can or can’t see.


Able to see that the oppressed is not me – that the oppressed is the ignorant, who don’t let differences be.


Afraid of what’s different and what they don’t understand – they say “ignorance is bliss”, so the veil they want banned.


They say the veil is oppression, the epitome of women’s suppression,

Well I say ignorance is oppression, leading to your own depression.


Because you live in fear of the unknown, hence you come to reap what you have sown.




2 thoughts on “The Veil of Oppression

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