Hearts of Sorrow



A life full of sorrows,
My soul feels like the target of painful arrows.

From one arrow to another,
I perceive my grief as like no other.

My face rinsed with tears,
Remembering the sadness of all these years.


Who hears the souls cry?
Or do they wait for when they die?

Whilst others dance to the call of desires,
There are those that seek only what the soul requires.

The  pursuit of desires attain shallow satisfaction,
The soul remains wounded by endless distraction.

The world tells me my happiness is in the pursuit of vain pleasures,
But my sadness remains imbedded in the chest that was meant for only treasures.

O woe to me! Had I wished this world had no pain?
As if I thought that clouds wouldn’t hold rain!

What a facet of life,
To live with much strife!

With just a little reflection,
I realise I’m headed the wrong direction.

Is it really sorrows that cause grief,
Or a heart that lacks belief?

Is it my lack of understanding of the ultimate purpose,
The ultimate pleasure that no wealth could purchase?

Perhaps I sought a paradise that won’t last,
Forgetting the paradise of the hereafter – its contentment so vast.

O Woe to me! A soul saddened by what is temporary,
Not anticipating when it’s me they’ll bury.

A lost soul who has forgotten the ultimate objective,
No doubt it would have helped change my perspective.

To leave my soul entrusted with the Most Wise,
The only One Who hears my cries.

O Mender of broken hearts Who hears the cries of the oppressed,

Relieve the hearts of sorrow and enable us to see the extent that we are blessed!



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